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5 children. 5 countries. 1 deadly infection.

Stricken with malaria, 5 children battle to hold on to their young lives at the mercy of a fatal parasite. On Monday, they check into a hospital with hopes of defeating a looming statistic, hovering over their fate like an ominous storm cloud. The odds? Every 45 seconds a child dies from malaria, the ruthless global epidemic robbing over 200 million lives every year, in over 100 countries across the world and destroying human capital. Eco Slim EcoSlim EcoSlimGocce per la perdita di peso EcoSlim Gocce EcoSlim Eco slim capsule EcoSlim in Italia EcoSlim - il sito web ufficiale

As their bodies duel with a morphing infection and their families wait helplessly for a verdict, follow these 5 on a journey that will decide the rest of their lives. Will the 5 on Monday make it to Sunday? And what will become of their families? Join the team in 5 countries across the world as we take you on an emotional excursion, into the grim reality of malaria and the beaming hope of prevention.